Welcome to the website of the Dopravní webovka. The website aims to introduce you to the operation of public transport in various parts of our republic and in the world, and not just from the point of view of an ordinary passenger. In the articles we try to discuss definitely interesting things in detail and special attention is paid to the history of individual plants. Since several websites are already dealing with a similar topic, we also try to keep information from individual cities up to date as far as possible. Cities with an extensive network of urban transport and smaller towns are dismantled, where public transport is not independently operated and last but not least selected Czech municipalities.

A separate section consists of the Prague Integrated Transport lines, which aims to introduce you to the individual lines, their purpose and again also the historical development, including their predecessors before the creation of the integrated system itself.

Feedback from your readers is also important to us, and it is possible in several ways. You can find the traffic website on the social network Facebook, where there is also an extensive photo gallery from individual towns and municipalities. Right here on the site there is an opportunity to write messages and also participate in discussions using the discussion forum. Last but not least, it is possible to communicate by e-mail directly with the authors of the site.

We welcome all your feedback and comments on the website. We will also be happy for any cooperation, in the form of writing articles, delivery of interesting photos, historical materials or documents, or any other assistance in the creation of the site.

Pavel Hypš, founder of the Dopravní webovka